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Corpus Christi Fencing Pro : When it comes to building fences we should never lose a couple of key aspects. First of all the fence is there to keep something in or out. That is going to be its first job and that is not something that should be taken lightly. Some of you may be reading this like wow, is everything else going to be this generic. Well, we sure hope not, but we do believe that fence building has “softened up” a bit.

Especially in suburban areas where people don’t really think anything bad is going to happen. At Corpus Christi Fencing we are a bit old school and we want to make sure we get the basic stuff down before we move on.

About Us

We are a company that lives and breathes fence installation and repair. We do this all day every day. Even though with that statement you may think that our job is monotonous it is actually far from it. In the last few years alone the materials that are used to make fences have evolved considerably. And they continue to do so. A big part of our job is to be at the forefront of this innovation. So we always want to keep our guys updated with the newest materials and technology so that we can offer a wide variety of options for you.


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If you need is to install a chain-link fence, consider it done. If on the other hand, you are looking for a much more complex iron fence with a large gate adorn the entrance to a building … well, consider that done as well! We can build virtually any type of fence that you may need. Just let us know what you may be looking for and we will find a way to get those ideas turned into a reality!

Fence Gate Installation, Corpus Christi, TX
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Aluminum Fence Installation

There are always what would seem like two types of clients when it comes to aluminum fencing. For one stereotypical client aluminum is a cheap option. When you view it as that it is going to be hard to change your mind. To be honest, since we make other types of fences we are probably not going to want to change your mind! The second type of client really sees the versatility and benefits of an aluminum fence. If you are the second type of client that we described you may want to read through our page on aluminum fences!

The old classic with a twist. These types of fences have been around for many many years. They have been featured in some of our favorite TV shows and movies and they have come to depict a bit of suburban or even country life. The reason we mention the fact that there is a twist here is that we can make them out of wood hybrids. This is going to be a lot more durable and a lot less “needy” if we compare it to normal wood. We can really make your fence a sight to see!

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Gate Installation

Vinyl fences where thought to be coming in to replace wooden fences at one point. It has been quite some time since these types of fences where introduced to the market and they haven’t replaced wooden fences completely. They have, however, become a very viable option for homeowners because of the fact that they can be made in different shapes and patterns and they don’t tend to require a lot of maintenance.

Chain link fences can be a quick solution to cover different types of areas. They can also turn into long term solutions. That is usually going to depend though on the type of fence that you are building. Not every single type of wire that you see out there is going to allow you to make a durable fence. We can provide many different options so that you can choose the one that you think is going to fit your needs best at that particular time!

vinyl Fence
Chain Link Fence

When we talk about iron fences we are literally talking about iron fences. It may same strange to you that we are highlighting this so let us elaborate. There are some companies out there that will claim they are building your fence out of pure iron. When in reality you may be getting aluminum or another material. We will let you in on the entire process so that you can be sure that the materials we are going to be using are the real deal and you are going to be getting a durable fence!

Most good fences are going to require an equally strong gate to cap off the structure. As you can imagine building and installing gates is also something that we can take care of for you. Whether you need the gate to open towards the outside or you want to make sure it can be fit with the necessary tools to open and close via remote control we will be able to make it happen for you!

“I have actually had several fences installed by the guys at Corpus Christi Fencing Pro and I can say that they just do a tremendous job every single time. I highly recommend them. " – Dave F.

“To be honest, before I sat down with Corpus Christi Fencing Pro I really had no idea what went into creating a fence. There were a lot of things to consider, but they walked me through everything and ultimately I am happy with the results!” – Wendy P.

“If you are looking to build a fence don’t stress over it on your own call Corpus Christi Fencing Pro they will know how to help.” – Art E.

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If you are interested in having any type of fence or gate build or repaired be sure to give us a call or contact us. We would love to get a chance to show you some of the fences that we believe could look great on your property. We have to wait though for you to give us a call!