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Wood Fence

Wood Fence Installation Near You

Wood fences are without a doubt one of the best symbols of classic suburban America. Even though they can be considered a classic wood is making quite a come back these days and there is a couple of reasons why. For starters, the hybrid wood that we are able to use for these projects is a lot more durable and a lot less “needy” than what we had with the traditional wooden fence. If you are looking for a very clean classic look that is just going to be timeless this is a very viable option for you no doubt!

Not Your Typical Wood

The wood that we are going to be using for these fences is not the cheap wood or maybe even all-natural wood that you may have grown up accustomed to. The wood that we use is usually going to be a modified wood that incorporates multiple types of tree bark. What you are going to be getting is way more durable wood and wood fence installation in Corpus Christi, Taxes. One that is not going to crumble because of moisture easily. Like many other types of wood so often does. If we are really honest about it you are going to be getting a classic look with a bit of a twist.

As High & As Far As You Need Them To Be

With any of the fences that we build we could say that we are able to build them as high or as wide as you would want them to be. We wanted to point this out here though because usually when we think about a wooden fence it tends to be small. If you don’t want your neighbors to be able to snoop over your property we can add some more height on the fence and keep your privacy.

Not As Many Splinters As You Would Think

The thing with wooden fences is that usually, everyone has a memory that they can fall back on when they think about wooden fences. If your memory takes you back to a very old fence that was filled with splinters that may have hurt you at one point you are probably not going to want this classic at your home. We get that, but we can also tell you that the wood that we are using today is not going to decay as easily. As long as it is properly sanded you should not have a major problem when it comes to splinters and things of that nature.

Proper Maintenance

Another one of the things that keep people away from these types of fences is the type of maintenance that they need. We are sometimes guilty of this too though. When people ask are they high maintenance we may just say yes out of habit. All that they need do is to be sanded and then maybe stained to make sure they keep their look. With certain types of wood, this is not even a yearly process. So if that is too high maintenance for you then that is ok, but it is usually nothing out of this world. We also offer vinyl fence installation service.